The funny thing is that this raspberry and thistle logo sort of embodies what I love about my hometown.  I know there is that quirky charm that will always have me feeling nostalgic for the days when...

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TM Bumper crop…  Based on engaging content covered, there is no doubt that the broad variety of  fresh information shared will remain the foundations for this site and help shape the future of all its contents.  Such an obvious love and respect for the town and it’s people.  It’s so fulfilling to see friends pick Blairgowrie and Rattray and I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating. Darroch Wood also known locally as Bluebell Wood, Blairgowrie The Wellmeadow Garden, Blairgowrie Looking across towards the Wellmeadow Garden, Blairgowrie. Plaque on the Brig o' Blair, Blairgowrie and Rattray Carefully selected and picked by ourselves…  Knowing your home town and audience is a good thing. Having a different perspective and approach and making it work well is even better. The Beech Hedge by Meiklour near Blairgowrie &  Rattray, East Perthshire Knockie Hill, Blairgowrie We get so wrapped up in our busy selves we forget to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us.

Perthshire's largest town but Blairgowrie and Rattray is still small enough to be a genuine community with a strong identity. The River Ericht Blairgowrie and Rattray, East Perthshire Riverside walk Blairgowrie Riverside playpark, Blairgowrie The new Kitty Swanson Bridge, Blairgowrie Go Blairgowrie in pictures gallery on Facebook

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If you are planning to visit our town (and you should) make sure to drop by the local visitor information centre (details listed below) to benefit from reliable and detailed tourism-related information so that you don’t miss-out.  Whatever your interests, through this site we offer friendly and impartial content and ideas to help you go Blairgowrie your way.

Before you go… We highly recommend you take a look at the Blairgowrie and East Perthshire tourist association website at where you can navigate the best level of dedicated visitor information to help you reach and discover Blairgowrie.

Once you’ve arrived, why not stop by the towns official visitor information centre located at

6 Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie  PH10 6AS.  Based on your requirements and individual needs their friendly and efficient staff will be only to happy to help you get the most out of your visit.. or Telephone: (01250) 872960.

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For your convenience we are happy to offer a guide and links to Blairgowrie visitor information. You'll find Blairgowrie visitor information here if you're searching for information before visiting.